Wednesday, December 16, 2009

project finished

Today was a long day....We made a latch, put casters, fixed the arm and much more, but we finished out project!!! If we had more time we definitely could've made our project a lot better by adding things that would make it easier to use but more complicated to make such as using gears and ratchets. As freshman in the engineering field, this was an interesting experience. We got to work with eachother design and build something that could help make things easier for people just as engineers do. It was a good experience because we learned how to do things on our own, of course we could ask questions but it was our work. When this project was assigned we all panicked because none of us had any experience with tools and building. It was fun for us to use our creativity and build something. It was definitely an experience that helped us as beginners with engineering because we learned how to use tools and experimented with them.

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